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steel epoxy powder coated superstructure

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Color Core Solid Phenolic
Fume Hoods

Dura-Line Fume Hoods / Fume Cupboards



Colored-FHDura-Line fume hoods are manufactured for Total Laboratory Solutions under private label by BMC Inc, a reputable and approved SEFA member.
With over 50 years of experience, market knowledge, competitive positioning,
BMC Inc. offers state-of-the-art engineering and hood performance with ASHRAE 110-95 certification and approved testing methods.

Fume hoods or fume cupboards are enclosed safety devices aerodynamically
designed to remove toxic and noxious gases produced when chemicals are mixed or tested.  Within the double layer, cold rolled commercial steel (complying with
ASTM A 1008/A 1008/M matte finish) and epoxy powder coated superstructure, there is an inner chamber that promotes the efficient removal of fumes and reduces personnel risk of exposure to hazardous chemicals.  Industry advances created various composite panels that are heat retardant, chemical resistant and moldable in the form of a white fiber / glass reinforced plastics (FRP / GRP) and are now considered the most commonly used inner chamber and baffle materials for today’s fume hoods, along with Epoxy resin bases or work surfaces. All fume hoods should be installed, tested and commissioned by qualified mechanical contractors.

Our primary supplier / producer of all steel sheet material used in the making of DURA-LINE Steel Furniture and Fume Hoods reports that the average recycled scrap content utilized in the making of all 14ga., 16 ga., 18 ga. sheets of cold rolled steel product is not less than 25%. We are pleased to offer postconsumer and preconsumer recycled product to the marketplace and do our part to substantially participate in GreenGuard / LEED processes.

Dura-Line Fume hoods, produced by BMC Inc. meet or exceed the following industry standards:

SEFA 1-2002 Laboratory Fume Hoods Recommended Practices
ANSI/AIHA Z9.5-2003 - American National Standard for laboratory ventilation
OSHA 1910.1450 Occupational exposure to hazardous chemicals in laboratories
CSA Standard C22.2 No. 1010.1-92 and CSA-US
ASHRAE Application Handbook 1999 - Certified 110-95
NFPA 45 National Fire Protection Association
MD 15128 Laboratory Fume Hoods
Industrial Ventilation (24th Edition)
National research Council - Handling and Disposal of Chemical (1995)
Laboratory Fume hoods are listed in Division 11 specifications, 11 6100 or 11 5313, etc as laboratory equipment

DURA-LINE fume hoods, Type: Air Foil by-pass Fume Hoods, have been tested by an independent international laboratory and certified to conform to the international standards required under ASHRAE 110-95 protocol.  Certificate Numbers:
PEG 01/03 Rev: 02 Dated 08-13-2007 – Fume Hood Length 4’ (1.2 M)
PEG 01/03 Rev: 02 Dated 08-13-2007 – Fume Hood Length 5’ (1.5 M)
PEG 01/03 Rev: 02 Dated 08-13-2007 – Fume Hood Length 6’ (1.8 M)

Dura-line fume hoods compete favorably with Fischer Hamilton, Kewaunee, Labconco, Mott, Hemco or other similar brands of fume hoods. Mechanical contractors should inquire for price and availability against other brands or makes of Fume Hoods.

fume-hood1a fume-hood2a
fume-hood3a fume-hood4a
fume-hood5a fume-hood7a
fume-hood8a fume-hood9a
fume-hood10a fume-hood11a
fume-hood15a fume-hood16a
fume-hood18a fume-hood19a
fume-hood13a fume-hood14a

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  • Body – Double wall construction
  • Front Fascia – Aerodynamically shaped
  • Exterior – Baked epoxy powder coated electro galvanized (EG) steel structure
  • Inner Chamber – One-piece white molded FRP (chemical resistant and flame retardant grade) with service access panels and coved corners
  • Baffle – Same as inner chamber, removable for easy cleaning
  • Sash – Tempered safety glass as standard, 6 mm thick, sealed with airtight silicon sealant, balanced by concealed counter weights on vinyl coated stainless steel ropes
  • By-Pass Grill – An automatic air by-pass grill is provided on top front fascia of the fume hood to ensure the face velocity is not extensive at the sash opening
  • Work Top – DURATOP epoxy resin (USA produced), as standard, high heat and chemical resistance, with marine edge to prevent spills
  • Drip Cup – Polypropylene (PP) oval cup sink (3” x 6”) as standard with PP waste and anti-siphon bottle trap
  • Start / Stop Switch – for exhaust fan
  • Light Switch – for light fittings, mounted on front service panel
  • Support Base Unit (Option 1) – free standing epoxy powder coated steel base cabinet with internal shelving lined with PVC sheet and vent ports
  • Support Base Unit (Option 2) – epoxy coated metal frame support structure with snap-on wooden/steel  (epoxy coated) cabinet with internal shelving lined and vent ports

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Several type fume hoods are available upon request.  Some examples are shown below and custom designs are also available:

  • High Performance / Energy Efficient Hoods
  • Airfoil By-Pass Fume Hoods with minimized turbulence
  • Constant air, no by-pass Fume hoods
  • ADA designed airfoil-type Fume Hoods
  • Air Foil Variable volume Fume Hoods
  • Air Foil add Air Fume Hoods
  • Flat Front economical school Fume Hoods
  • Demonstration / Education 3 window Fume Hoods
  • Double-Faced Fume Hoods
  • Thin Wall Fume Hoods for expanded workspace area
  • Portable Fume Hoods
  • Perchloric Acid Fume Hoods
  • Hydrofluoric Acid Fume Hoods
  • Explosion Proof Fume Hoods
  • Radio Isoltope Fume Hoods
  • Student Work Station Hoods
  • Variable Air Volume (VAV) Control Systems Fume Hoods
  • Constant Volume By-Pass General Fume Hoods
  • Variable Speed Drive General Purpose Fume Hoods
  • Acid Digestion Fume Hoods
  • Walk-in Fume Hoods with double hung sash
  • Canopy Hoods
  • Self-Contained K-12, University and Private Industry, mobile Fume Hoods

BASE CABINETS for Bench Top Models

  • Model Dura-Line B-3530-20P Size: 35" H x 30" W x 22" D
  • Model Dura-Line B-3536-20P Size: 35" H x 36" W x 22" D
  • Model Dura-Line B-3542-20P Size: 35" H x 42 " W x 22" D
  • Model Dura-Line B-3548-20P Size: 35" H x 48 " W x 22" D
  • Model Dura-Line B-3552-20P Size: 35" H x 52 " W x 22" D
  • Model Dura-Line B-3558-20P Size: 35" H x 58 " W x 22" D

    ADA tables for wheel Chair access are also available.
    Acid and Flammable storage cabinets are also provided in 29" or 35" Height for the required applications.

All base cabinets are made of epoxy powder coated 18 to 20 Gauge steel to the sizes indicated above. Combinations of the above sizes are used to accommodate larger sized Fume hoods.

Dura-Line Fume Hoods are provided with a one (1) year warranty on all products and components, including electrical, lighting, and blower systems.  Any defective parts must be determined within twelve (12) months of receipt and to be returned to our authorized dealer along with complete proof of purchase and copy of purchase order. Sellers warranty does not extend to defects or failures caused or aggravated by accident, misuse, abuse, alteration or improper installation by others.

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