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Conceptual Lab Layout

Learn more about the products used in this photo. CLICK THE IMAGE TO LEARN MORE.


Why are there so many varieties of laboratory countertops in the market and which is the best for your particular application?

Laboratory countertops and epoxy laboratory countertops by Insul-Serv offers you the best for your intended application. Our laboratory tops are equal to any in the market, especially solid surface, laminate countertops, epoxy or phenolic. Based on the conditions of testing with high heat, harsh chemicals, and the requirement of abrasion resistance or chemical or stain resistance, each product available has its own inherent attributes. Epoxy laboratory countertops and phenolic resin laboratory tops have evolved in the last 10 to 15 years as the pre-eminent specified laboratory top. Solid surfacing material is used in some instances in low heat environments and where customers require seamless joints and integral backsplash. Cementicious or stone products are continually used in high heat conditions and are gradually being replaced by epoxy resin laboratory countertops in more advanced specifications and applications. 


In addition to the evolution of epoxy laboratory countertops, phenolic resin lab work surfaces for bench toppings have also advanced greatly over the last 10 years in specifications and demands by the end users. Phenolic resin countertops are lighter weight than epoxy or stone, lower in price, available in larger sheet sizes to reduce joining seams, and are manufactured in a wide range of thickness to accommodate budget or specification criteria. Phenolic resin is not new and is not available in sink form, but the laboratory counter top sheet material continues to gain acceptance and is building in its reputation as a quality laboratory top.

Epoxy laboratory countertops continue to dominate bench topping of lab furniture and specifiers continue to instinctively recommend epoxy tops over the alternatives of phenolic resin, solid surface, stone, melamine laminate or stainless steel. In addition to the epoxy laboratory countertops are a full range of under counter mount and lipped drop-in sinks, along with ADA sinks and cup sinks. All are manufactured to meet demanding chemical and stain resistant laboratory specifications.

In the international market, epoxy and phenolic laboratory countertops are offered through major regional distributors or fabricators capable of providing cut sheet material to specific project drawings and specifications.