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Oceania - Australian - New Zealand | Laboratory Equipment Supply Company

The territory of Australia and New Zealand holds a certain fondness in our marketing of quality and competitively priced Duratop Epoxy laboratory counter tops and undercounter or lipped drop-in sinks, along with solid phenolic products of Resistop solid work surfaces or Trespa TopLab Plus. Duratop Epoxy and Resistop are made in the USA while Trespa is an import from Holland via the USA.

Novalab of New Zealand, not our agent, continues to insert the unauthorized use of product names Resistop and Duratop on their website and in advertising to the market in NZ. These products names were first introduced in the US market some 25 years ago and Novalab has taken advantage of the unauthorized use of the names in New Zealand.

If imported products of epoxy resin and Solid Phenolic are required in New Zealand and / or Australia, we are seeking representation in New Zealand and Australia for these products of Duratop Epoxy and Resistop Solid Phenolic.
"Resistop is New Zealand’s No 1 selling solid core laboratory bench top" and we intend to compete in the market by name, product quality and lower price with direct exports to the region.
"Since its introduction in 2002, Resistop has established itself as New Zealand’s top selling solid core laboratory bench top product. By early 2009, Resistop had been installed in almost 200 laboratory projects in New Zealand as well as installations in Australia, Indonesia, The Marshall Islands and Papua New Guinea."

A country the size of the USA, Australia, coupled with New Zealand, is growing in their requirements of improved quality laboratory equipment and supplies. Total Laboratory Solutions (aka Insul-Serv, Inc.) . is a proud supplier of a wide range of Laboratory materials to Oceania and is seeking further distribution in the region to advance the competitive nature of our materials and strengthen the specifications of major design and laboratory consultants. Companies that are interested in having alternatives to provide the ever conscious specifiers and end users in the following regions, please contact us at your earliest opportunity for Resistop and Duratop Epoxy.:



Sydney, Australia
Brisbane, Australia
Melbourne, Australia
Adelaide, Australia
Perth, Australia
Auckland, New Zealand
Wellington, New Zealand
Christchurch, New Zealand
Hobart, Tasmania
Papua New Guinea
Solomon Islands
Marshall Islands

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