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Color Core Solid Phenolic
Treapa Top Lab Plus

Steel Casework | BMC Steel Cabinets for Lab Schools

ConstructionCutaway drawing showing cabinet details.

Cabinet body...18 gauge
Drawer body...20 gauge
Outside drawer heads...18 gauge
Square Tubing legs...2”x16 gauge
Inside door panels...20 gauge
Outside door panels...18 gauge
Table frames & aprons...16 gauge
Shelves...20 gauge



Features of BMC Steel Casework:
A. Cabinet structure accepts countless arrangements
of doors and drawers to permit changes in the field at any time by laboratory personnel.
B. One-piece drawer bodies with coved, horizontal corners.
C. Double-walled, sound-deadened drawer fronts and doors with full-channeled edges.
D. Adjustable drawer guides that allow drawers to lock in a full open position.

E. Leveling bolts at all corners.
F. Fully removable back panels at door or open cabinets for access to piping and wiring behind cabinet.
G. 18-gauge bodies with flush, seamless-welded face. Channel-shaped intermediate uprights prevent cabinet racking and assure better fit of drawers and doors.
H. Variations of all the above models are available on special order.

Steel Cabinets