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A complete range of Water Faucet systems, Gas valves, water fittings, eye wash and shower units are available from Insul-Serv, Inc. under the brand name Dura-Tap Water Systems. Each unit of water faucets or the gas, air, water or vacuum fixtures provides excellent durability, ease of operation and stream lined design to maximize performance within the laboratory. The laboratory faucets and fixtures were engineered in America and are produced at a facility in Malaysia that has been producing quality water Systems for over 17 Years. All Units are surface epoxy powder coated to assure chemical corrosion resistance and prevention against ultra-violet fading or heat deterioration. The essential Emergency showers (GO TO SHOWERS) and eye washes (GO TO EYE WASH) comply with DIN 12899 Parts 1 & 2, and ANSI Z 358.1-2004. Emergency shower systems are designed and engineered to provide easy operation. This allows for "one-action" activation of the shower system ensuring immediate and continued flushing without any need for further action.

Exported from Malaysia at extremely competitive prices, in the highest of quality and more than competitive to any Epoxy Powder Coated fixtures imported from Europe or those made locally in the market. All Dura-Tap water fixture products are produced in an ISO 9001:2000 Certified facility.

New Faucets with Downward Spout

Dura-Tap Water Systems comprise a wide variety of quality laboratory fixtures and fittings that are required in today’s specialized labs. Our water systems products are produced in a ISO-9001:2000 facility in Malaysia and have been used in the most advanced R&D and institutional learning environments around the world. The entire product line is produced to BS-2872 standards and the eyewash shower units to ANSI Z358.1. The solid brass pressings are machined to close tolerances to ensure the highest productquality, and epoxy powder coated for prevention of corrosion in wet laboratory applications. In addition to clear epoxy coating, a satin chrome plated over brass surface with clear finish will soon be provided by Dura-Tap, with the objective of concealing dust, water marks, and finger prints over traditional polished chrome surfaces.

The redesigned faucet bodies are produced in a variety of configurations with streamlined and enhanced styling. Water systems from Dura-Tap are available with fixed or removable serrated nozzles in accordance with DIN and US standards. The water fittings are tested at 10 bar (150 psi), with a design maximum working pressure of 7 bar (100 psi). This procedure allows for a testing pressure of 1.5 times the maximum working pressure for all water fittings.

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