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Laboratory Layout

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Epoxy Counter Tops

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Fume Hoods
Conceptual Lab Layout

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Conceptual Lab Layout

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Total Lab Solutions | Leader in Epoxy Countertops & Laboratory Work Surfaces

Recycle2Epoxy countertops, epoxy resin work surfaces, lab equipment, fume hoods, casework furniture, bench topping, and much more from Insul-Serv, Inc., a Total Laboratory Solution provider. Our laboratory supply company is taking epoxy countertops, epoxy and polyethylene sinks, fume hoods, steel casework and other lab supplies to the next level. Our product line of Duratop Epoxy and solid phenolic resin Resistop laboratory fitments along with Trespa Top Lab Plus laboratory countertops will provide your company the competitive edge it requires. Solid Surface and thin laminate countertops are not suitable to the harsh environments of wet laboratories.
The much stronger, chemical resistant, self extinguishing and scientifically tested epoxy and solid phenolic (SPC) materials are the laboratory countertops and materials you need and deserve for newly capitalized or retrofit labs.

Laboratory equipment has been changing and evolving over the past 10 years, Total Lab Solutions has been at the forefront of the promotion and specification. Our company has been distributing laboratory equipment, casework, fume hoods, laboratory countertops, bench toppings and much more for over 30 years! We represent many of the highest quality USA domestic and international lab furniture, laboratory supply, and laboratory equipment manufacturers.

Our Duratop epoxy and solid phenolic resin Resistop as well Trespa Top Lab Plus (TLP), Epoxy and PE sinks, fume hoods, and lab accessories are products that are changing the way architects and consultants consider materials for their clients and the laboratory environments. All products supplied are LEED qualified and provide from 10 to 20% recycled materials by weight within their construction.

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Global Market

In a increasingly demanding market, Total Lab Solutions is committed to ongoing research and development of the highest quality and most affordable products on the market. Our products and accessories are available today, including our
Duratop Epoxy, Resistop and Trespa product line of countertops, and more!

Laboratory equipment has changed. Don't be left behind testing on laminate countertops or inferior plastic or acrylic countertops. Our laboratory equipment supply company provides you with the most competitive epoxy and phenolic resin fume hoods bases, laboratory countertops, cold rolled steel and "C" frame furniture, and accessories. Click one of our links above to view our product line and contact us today by phone, fax or email. Thank you for your consideration.


The exhibitions listed in the side column will be attended by Duratop-Epoxy - Total Lab Solutions - We are seeking partners and distributors in each of these major growth areas of SEA and GCC countries. Contact us if interested, providing full credentials and background information on your company and prospects for cooperation.

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