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unfabricated slabs

Unfabricated Epoxy Slabs

UNFABRICATED / UNFINISHED SLABS offer International customers with in-house fabrication or cutting capability the opportunity to purchase large slabs at significantly reduced prices. The use of lower cost local facilities to fabricate slabs will allow maximization of the full sheet of material with any off-fall or cut pieces utilized for back-splash set-on curbing, large bull nose add-ons, window sills, pegboards, shelving, fume hood bases, student desks, etc.

Duratop Epoxy Slabs
must be cut with Diamond tipped circular saw blades, drill bits, routers, or water jet systems, etc.,
due to the density and hardness of the laboratory top material. Care must be taken with the feed speed and the RPM (revolutions per minute) of the circular saw blades so as not to damage the material. Water cooling of the saw blades is highly recommended.
Conventional carbide tipped or wood working tools used to cut Corian or other solid surfacing or alternative paper based products, should not be considered when cutting Duratop Epoxy countertops.

Unfabricated / Unfinished slab sizes are:

Metric Slab Sizing
Imperial Sizing
1590 x 2490 mm nominal
62" x 98"
1855 x 2490 mm nominal
73" x 98"

Minimum order quantities will apply. Offered only to International qualified fabricators (QF) with stone cutting
or dedicated equipment to fabricate Epoxy tops, with water cooled systems.

Slabs are supplied oversized for trimming at your local facility to the finished size required, with MINIMUM waste.

Duratop Epoxy lab top slabs are available in the following thickness'.

1 1/4"

Note: 39 MM or 1.5" thickness available only as a double layer "Epoxy Glued" thickness of 3/4" (19mm), not a single monolithic thickness. Used primarily for balance tables.

Unfabricated and fabricated to size Coved Curb back and side splash sheets are also available, with 4" splash and 8" height integral splash, (100 mm and 200 mm) depending on volume and availability of the molds. Longer lead times may apply. Duratop Epoxy Coved Curb is available in seamless lengths up to 98" (2489 mm) and maximum width / depth up to 38" (965 mm). Corner curbs are offered up to 44" (1118 MM) square and cut to size to meet the depth requirements of the project.

Duratop Epoxy Coved Curb worksurfaces are typically molded 1" (25mm) thick with tapered curb to 3/4" (19 mm).
Also available are 3/4" (19 mm) or 1-1/4 (32mm) thick coved curb worksurfaces can be ordered to meet architectural or consultant specifications.