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Epoxy Counter Tops

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Conceptual Lab Layout

Learn more about the products used in this photo. CLICK THE IMAGE TO LEARN MORE.


What variety of laboratory tops does Insul-Serv supply and what are the recommended materials to meet demanding specifications?

ISI laboratory tops, laboratory counter tops, and epoxy resin counter tops are available through Insul-Serv and Duratop-Epoxy. Our epoxy counter tops and phenolic products are the required solid surface replacement that scientific labs, schools, and research facilities have been waiting for. Our USA company will provide you with the very best laboratory tops and equipment available.

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While there are many counter top materials available to meet a designer or end users requirements, the product that has evolved to the top of the list is epoxy resin laboratory counter top. As a hot molded product, the manufacturing process allows epoxy resin to be molded into sheet form, epoxy sinks, cup sinks, drain outlets and accessories. From the epoxy lab counter top sheet product, fabrication converts large sheets to cut pieces, epoxy pegboards, epoxy fume hood basis, and epoxy shelving. 

Epoxy laboratory counter tops are more advanced than solid surfacing or stone products. The inherent chemical and stain resistance properties are evident when the products are placed in contact with harsh chemicals, acids, or solvents. Epoxy sink materials available in 11 distinct colors, have the same inherent stain and chemical resistance as sheet material. As with solid phenolic laboratory counter tops, or epoxy resin counter tops, no wood substrate is necessary nor is edge banding. The molded or pressed sheets of epoxy or phenolic resin are produced in such thickness of 16mm, 19mm, or 25mm to allow the counter tops to be placed directly over the lab furniture as bench toppings to reduce cost and provide a one piece attachment.

Duratop epoxy laboratory tops have become a standard in the industry both domestic and international. Epoxy resin laboratory counter tops are offered both fabricated or un-fabricated with complimentary epoxy sinks and cup sinks to match or contrast to the bench materials. Contact us today for more information about epoxy counter tops and epoxy resin counter top materials and accessories.